Certifications against Issue 9 of the BRCGS Food Safety Standard will begin for all audits after February 1, 2023.

With this new issue, you can expect auditors to be taking a closer look at your facility's food safety culture and your team's understanding of core food safety concepts such as internal audits, root cause analysis, validation, verification, risk assessments, hygiene procedures, traceability and more.

Attend this free webinar with Siarl Siviyer Dixon to learn how to prepare your team for their next audit. He will cover:

  • The updated requirements for Food Safety Culture
  • How Issue 9's emphasis on "the fundamentals" will affect your next audit
  • Other key changes in Issue 9 of the BRCGS Food Safety Standard
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"Some of the areas that see the common re-occurrence of non-conformities in food safety audits are the those related to core competencies and this currently stands at around 30% of all non-conformities. Our projections suggest there would be a significant reduction in the number of non-conformities if the fundamentals – the core competencies – were optimized by sites. That’s why we’ve strengthened some of those fundamentals in the new Standard.”

- Richa Bedi-Navik, Senior Global Standards Manager, BRCGS

About the Presenter--

Siarl Siviyer Dixon

Siarl Siviyer Dixon has dedicated his career to food safety. For the past 6 years at AIB International, Siarl has helped some of the largest food manufacturers across the globe achieve their BRCGS Certification goals. When he's not busy staying current on the latest food safety trends, he enjoys exploring the outdoors near his home in Montreal, Canada.


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