Following BRCGS' Extraordinary Event Restrictions advice there are now 4 options available to keep your audits up to date: 

  1. Regular Onsite Audit
  2. Hybrid / Blended Certification Audit
  3. Remote Certification Audit
  4. Risk Assessment – Certificate Extension

To understand each of these options please see the descriptions and application instructions below.

Please note that Remote audits and Certificate Extensions are considered as “last resort” activities. Sites should try and ensure that either Regular or Hybrid / Blended audits are organized whenever possible.

You can use flow diagram published by BRCGS to aid with your understanding and decision making. For more information, please see BRCGS' COVID-19 Response

Late audits: Facilities which have their audit after the due date shown on the certificate will attract a non-conformance.

Seasonal sites: It is also appreciated that locations which meet the BRCGS definition (see Glossary in Standard) of a Seasonal Site may also face unique challenges. Options are outlined in BRCGS095.

Option 1: Regular Onsite Certification Audit

If you are in a position to receive a regular Certification Audit, we will do all that we can to fulfill that need. We comply with the most stringent requirements. The usual audit and Certification fees apply as per your contract.

Apply for Regular Onsite Certification Audit

  1. Contact us at

Option 2: Hybrid / Blended Certification Audit

BRCGS080 allows for the “office audit” to be conducted remotely using ICT and within 28 days the on-site audit will be carried out. The duration will typically be divided approximately 50/50 (e.g. a Standard 2 day audit becomes 1 day virtual and 1 day on-site). It is available across all Standards and all certificate grades but can only be done announced.

The usual audit and Certification fees apply as per your contract.

Apply for Hybrid / Blended Certification Audit

  1. Review the criteria and preparation guide.
  2. Fill out the Application Form and submit to

Option 3: Remote Certification Audit

BRCGS updated their BRCGS086 document describing "Remote Audits". This option is available to sites certified to:

  • Food Safety, Start!, Packaging, Storage & Distribution and Gluten Free Standards.
  • The site has explored all other options and both site and Certification Body agree that the Remote audit is the last resort.
  • Certification body and site have completed a feasibility assessment.

BRCGS has issued a concession to the Certification Body to allow for the Remote audit to proceed.It should be noted that whilst all activities are undertaken in line with guidance from the International Accreditation Forum, this methodology does not yet form part of the GFSI benchmark documents. Therefore, before pursuing this option sites are strongly advised to consult with clients or Specifiers.The entire audit will be conducted remotely, and this includes the site tour. Consequently, facilities are strongly advised to conduct a feasibility exercise before applying for a Remote Audit. The feasibility exercise should consider site safety (i.e. there are environments where items such as cell phones should not be used due to risk of explosion) and practicality (i.e. in noisy environments it may be impossible to interact with the auditor during the site tour, some parts of the site may not be able to receive wireless signals). Sites should note that additional time and therefore fees may be associated with this Remote Audit option due to pre-audit testing of the ICT platforms with the auditor and possible lost time should the ICT platforms fail to work as expected.

The usual audit and certification fees apply as per your contract.

Apply for Remote Certification Audit

  1. Review the criteria and preparation guide.
  2. Fill out the Risk Assessment Application and submit to

Option 4: Risk Assessment - Certificate Extension

BRCGS have published BRCGS072 guidance of expectations in regards to business impacts from COVID-19.

  • The site must be located in a region where government restrictions prohibit travel.
  • The site’s previous audit must have been Regular or Hybrid / Blended.
  • The Certification Body will need to apply to BRCGS for a concession for this activity.
  • If concession is approved the Certification Body will conduct a Risk Assessment and the current Certificate will be extended by up to 6 months.

The process takes and will cost 0.5 day and there is a BRCGS fee.

Apply for Risk Assessment - Certificate Extension

  1. Review the criteria.
  2. Fill out the Risk Assessment Application and submit to

Siarl Siviyer Dixon
BRCGS Certification Manager
AIB International