This year, to celebrate World Food Safety Day, AIB International will be hosting a free virtual training focused on practical everyday actions you can apply to positively influence the food safety culture of your company . We’ll answer your top food safety culture questions:

  • What is food safety culture? What makes a great company culture?
  • How do you ensure your team is not just going through the motions?
  • What are the most popular food safety culture models?
  • How can senior level management model a healthy food safety culture?
  • How do you set food safety culture goals and incentivize a strong food safety culture?

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About the Presenters

Sr. Director of Global Sales, AIB International

Judi Lazaro

Judi joined AIB International in 1990 and has held various roles, including food safety inspector and head of audit services North America. Currently, Judi is the Senior Director of Global Sales. She has more than 30 years of experience working with brands across the globe and is passionate about the industry, offering solutions to complicated food safety issues.

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Peg Ray

Sr. Manager, Product Development & Innovation, AIB International

With more than 40 years of experience, Peg supports food and beverage companies on emerging food safety and integrity issues with the development of practical cost-effective training solutions. Prior to joining AIB International, Peg worked in the food industry as manager in the fields of sanitation, quality and operations.

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